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New energy observation: distributed generation also needs intelligent distribution

at present, the national power distribution ensures that assembly workers have good and safe working conditions. The total scale of power supply (including small hydropower) has rapidly developed to 34.36 million KW. At the same time, the introduction of favorable policies such as the golden sun demonstration project, the notice on improving the pricing policy of solar photovoltaic power generation, and the opinions on doing a good job in distributed photovoltaic power generation and service issued by the State Power Corporation will accelerate the application of distributed photovoltaic

as Su Jian, deputy director of the power distribution Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute, said, at present, people are more concerned about whether the safe and stable operation of power distribution will be affected after the connection of distributed photovoltaic power generation. After a large number of distributed photovoltaic power generation are connected, the traditional radial passive distribution network will become an active network full of small power sources. The operation of a large number of distributed power sources may cause problems such as electric voltage offset, voltage fluctuation and flicker, which may have a positive impact on the quality and safe operation of electric power supply and threaten the cost. In the past, a relatively simple power dispatching and management mode was adopted for power distribution, and protection and monitoring equipment was generally installed at the head end of distribution lines. Obviously, this cannot meet the needs of the massive use of distributed power and the development of user built power. In addition, recently, for low-voltage ionization users, the new power supply is easy to cause potential safety hazards

therefore, the intelligent distribution with distributed photovoltaic needs to solve a series of problems: research and develop the distribution automation system and extended functions that meet the two-way exchange requirements of power and information between the distribution system and distributed power supply and users, study the monitoring data acquisition methods of distributed power supply and operation, environmental conditions and other aspects, and study the fault diagnosis, remote setting and control of protection settings of distributed power supply access distribution system Advanced application technology in power prediction and optimization of distributed generation

in the future, the promotion of distributed generation also faces the following problems: first, the maturity of technology needs to be improved; second, how to reduce costs; third, what kind of operation mode to adopt; fourth, how to improve the coordination and control ability with power distribution; fifth, formulate relevant technical standards

generally speaking, China is still lacking in distributed energy and micro technology standards. In order to promote the scientific, normative and sustainable development of distributed energy and micro electricity, it is urgent to start equipment. India will be the fastest-growing country in the world. The formulation of relevant technical standards such as specifications, design standards, and consolidation standards. In the future, mass production and expansion of production one by one constitute the continuous driving force of the company's deeds. At the same time, it should also carry out extensive international cooperation and actively participate in the formulation of relevant international standards

micro point

@ Germany Bayer Wang Xuejun: we should pay more attention to the development of industrial roofs. The Chinese market will develop on the basis of continuous learning from other countries' market experience and continuous cost reduction

@ Zhongli Tenghui Wei Qingzhu: a series of policies are a signal for the country to open the photovoltaic market, and the domestic photovoltaic system industry will also have great development. However, there are some relatively large systems that need roof applications, and there are not many roofs that meet this demand in China, so it still needs the strong support of specific national policies

@ chenkangping, CEO of Jingke energy: upstream enterprises' entry into the power station market is within the macro control of the state, and there is a corresponding approval process. Not every enterprise can build it if it wants to. In terms of the power station projects that Jingke has obtained, the relevant approval authorities will first consider the experience of enterprises in the power station market, and the inexperienced companies will lose their advantages

@ goodway jiangdeming: the core of domestic power station market competition lies in product quality and whether it can provide very effective services. After all, the support of the state is limited. Every enterprise should control the product cost through management optimization and be ready to meet the challenges of free competitive market at any time, which requires enterprises to shape their core competitiveness

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