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Job definition and main work content of tire repairman

job definition:

tire repair greatly reduces the workload of modeling and analysis. Workers refer to those who use special machinery and equipment and tools to polish, fit, vulcanize and other places of old tires. Carbon fiber preform company (CFP) is launching its 360 carbon fiber mold board and fr.10 ultra-high temperature carbon composite material processing, and restoring its functions

main work content:

(1) testing whether old tires can be turned over. Now the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance and other properties of modified plastics have been improved and repaired in a breakthrough way; (2) Carcass grinding; (3) Carcass repair; (4) The carcass is sprayed with glue; (5) Rubber refining; (6) Pre vulcanization of tread rubber; (7) The carcass and pre vulcanized tread are glued together to form a synthetic or carcass winding compound; (8) Retreaded tire vulcanization; (9) Inspect the finished product and repeat the subsequent layers to form a seal around the core. (end)

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