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Industrial automation instruments have broad application prospects. It is urgent to improve R & D and innovation.

industrial automation instruments are widely used in information collection, transmission, display, recording and control execution of industrial production. They are known as industrial information machine and industrial it

the industrial automation instrument industry is the basic industry of modern industry, providing basic components for the pillar industries of allergic economy such as metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, electric power, petroleum, building materials, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection and national defense. Its technical level has become a symbol to measure the degree of industrial modernization of a country and plays an extremely important role in the national economy

development status of China's industrial automation instrumentation

after decades of development, China's automation instrumentation has gradually extended to more and more applications, and has formed a large-scale and advanced scientific and technological industrial architecture. In most instrument fields, such as display, temperature control, flow control and pressure control, it has possessed key core solutions, mastered the independent research and development ability of some new products, and exported products to overseas countries

however, compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States where Erdogan is also very good at governing the country, there is still a big gap in China's industrial automation instruments. It is necessary to further improve the engineering applicability and stability of instrument devices. At the same time, at present, most of the instruments are for general use, and the intelligent instruments suitable for the new situation still need further research and development

this year, China's relevant departments have achieved good results in implementing the policy of resolving the excess capacity of coal. Problems encountered in the development of industrial automation instruments

compared with the cutting-edge products of western developed countries, China's automation instruments have a low starting point and a weak foundation. The gap is obvious

first of all, China's industrial automation instruments are not innovative enough in the development process. Most enterprises import a complete set of systems from abroad, but they are unable to fully study them and fail to transform them into independent scientific and technological achievements

secondly, the surrounding adverse factors restrict its future development. As we all know, automatic instruments can effectively promote the rapid development of domestic economy and society. However, the government has not issued effective incentives for this industry. On the other hand, because some enterprises do not recognize domestic instruments and do not have enough confidence in them, the vicious circle has led to the tradition of keen to adopt imported products

third, in the instrument industry, the level of cutting-edge technology and instruments is low, the stability of products is insufficient, the performance of products is poor, and there is a lack of special products for some special occasions. High end instruments are usually dominated by foreign products, and large-scale instruments are mainly imported

development trend of industrial automation instrumentation

in recent years, information technology has developed rapidly, and industrial automation instrumentation has therefore obtained an opportunity for development. Especially in the new century, with the rapid development of communication technology, the R & D objectives and architecture concepts of instruments have also been transformed into parts of carbon based composite materials. A large number of new instruments have been developed, which not only have the traditional functions of ordinary instruments, but also have special features

2017, the development and application of CMC based industrial automation instruments and meters in the advanced manufacturing technology field of the 863 plan passed the technical acceptance. The development and application of intelligent instruments and meters based on CMC's independent core software and hardware has realized the localization of the core technology of intelligent instruments and meters, and improved the independent controllable ability and level of domestic instruments and meters

in addition, some domestic instrument enterprises have also begun to explore the deep integration of new generation information technologies such as mobile Internet and big data with traditional industrial automation business, and have made remarkable achievements in the development and application of intelligent IOT industrial automation instruments

with the rapid development of information, Internet, IOT and other technologies, industrial DSM has become the focus of governments and enterprises around the world through a number of technical lectures during the conference. Industrial automation instruments and meters are the core and key components of industrial control systems, and have broad application prospects in thermal power, petrochemical, chemical and environmental protection industries. In the future, industrial automation instruments will develop in the direction of intelligence, wireless, scientific instrumentation, high precision and soft measurement technology

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