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Lidehua Fuxi has won the application order of three ultra-high power high-voltage frequency conversion systems

in the high-voltage frequency converter industry, the sales performance and stable operation of high-power products have always been one of the standards to test the technical advantages of high-voltage frequency converter manufacturers. As a leading enterprise in the field of high-voltage variable frequency energy conservation in China, Lide Huafu has been actively committed to energy-saving application research and technology promotion in the industrial field, and has taken the lead in the world in the research and application of high-power products. Following the successful signing of a 10000kw/10kv high-voltage inverter project with a Lanzhou iron industry group at the end of 2010, in September this year, a set of 18000kw/10kv and two sets of 12000kw/10kv super high-voltage inverters with compressors were signed with a Henan Anyang group. The successful signing of the project has further laid a solid foundation for Lidehuafu's unshakable industry leadership. What factors should we consider after all? Position in selecting the tension machine fixture

at present, Lide Huafu has overcome many key technologies, such as the design and engineering application of high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation system with power level of 23mW and below. And it has been fully verified in many projects. In the Anyang project in Henan Province, Lide Huafu beat the others in terms of technical reserves, practical experience, complete service capability and comprehensive competitive strength, and finally won the first place among many competitors, winning the supporting orders for three sets of 18mW, 11.5mw and 11mw high-voltage frequency converters

the successful signing of the project is of great significance to energy conservation and consumption reduction in the chemical industry: Lide Huafu, together with end customers, chemical design institutes, compressor manufacturers and other supporting enterprises, has jointly changed the status quo that the super power driving load of the synthetic ammonia production unit has been dependent on steam driving for a long time, and has adopted the advanced electric speed regulation driving, so it is feasible to study. In the end, the power can be processed into various fabric system structures, breaking the existing situation that the three main engines in chemical production rely on boiler steam for power for a long time. Under the new technical conditions, the use of electric speed regulation drive instead of steam drive has played an important role in reducing the floor area, shortening the construction cycle, accelerating the investment recovery cycle and improving the production efficiency of chemical enterprises. The technical improvement of the project has created a precedent for the application of new technologies in the field of electric drive in the chemical industry, and also has a milestone significance for the development of Lide Huafu. It has added a heavy color to the history of Lide Huafu's efforts to promote the innovation and development of China's non-ferrous material field. By the end of the day, the sales performance of Lide Huafu high voltage inverter has exceeded 6000 sets, creating industry standards all the way, and constantly innovating and leading a new era of high voltage inverter

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