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The application rate of water paint abroad is as high as 90%, and China accounts for less than 5%. Why

why is the application rate of overseas water paint as high as 90% and that of China less than 5%

september 19, 2017

[China paint information]

traditional paint pollutes the environment, is toxic and harmful, and has been basically replaced by water paint in foreign countries. However, due to publicity, promotion and policy reasons, paint is still popular, and it will take time for paint to be popularized and used. An important reason for haze weather is that VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions account for 21% of the main sources of PM2.5, while about 18% of VOC emissions are generated by solvent based paint emissions

in addition, the paint shall be mainly applicable to the dilution treatment of coarse particles and blocks with the help of organic solvents extracted from oil and coal, which not only needs to consume fossil energy, but also contains a large number of toxic and harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, etc., with a volatilization period of more than ten years. The EU banned the production of paint in 2004, but paint is still used in most parts of China

traditional paints often use a large number of toxic and harmful volatile organic solvents as diluents, and some products also use curing agents containing free TDI, resulting in a large amount of air pollution. Some studies have shown that long-term inhalation of volatile gases from these solvents and curing agents will lead to aplastic anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy and other serious diseases

water paint is an upgraded product of traditional paint. It uses water as diluent and does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene and formaldehyde Yangyuande said that compared with traditional solvent based coatings, waterborne coatings can greatly reduce VOC emissions It can not only effectively reduce the impact on the environment, but also help to reduce the potential incidence of occupational diseases

however, according to the interview, the application of water paint in China's cognitive automotive lightweight field has been deepening. The degree of in-depth cooperation between Zhongwang and its customers is low, the promotion is difficult, the application is few, and the standard is blank. There are vicious competitions such as concept war and price war

in foreign countries, the application rate of water paint is as high as 90% In China, the market share of water paint is less than 5% Due to insufficient publicity, promotion and application at the national level, the recognition of water paint in China is low, and the application of paint is still popular

at present, there is no unified industry standard and national standard for water paint in China. The production and product application end of formal enterprises mostly refer to international standards such as German TUV and EU SGS. However, workshop production and processing plants and some enterprises have substandard standards, vicious production and marketing, and pump sales in hydraulic system, resulting in vicious competition such as concept war and price war in China's water paint market

at the same time, foreign countries monopolize the core technology, and the equipment maintenance cost is high China's mandatory and standard measures are not perfect, which directly limits the development of China's water paint industry

the key point of water-based paint technology is high-performance water-based resin, but China's high-performance stable synthetic resin mainly depends on imports. Under the premise of the same performance, the price of water-based paint is 20% higher than that of oil-based paint, which greatly limits the promotion and use of water-based paint

China should formulate a mandatory VOC emission policy and gradually implement it in stages to limit the pollution type oil paint. At the same time, China should encourage and support the development of the water paint industry, give preferential treatment and support in terms of Taxation and industrial layout, guide the paint industry to develop in a green and clean direction, and promote the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the water paint industry While introducing laws and regulations that impose restrictions on VOC pollution emissions, the government sets the threshold for industry access and has the right to speak and pricing

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