The application scope of the hottest vinylon film

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The application range of vinylon film in the food industry has been gradually expanded.

with the diversification of requirements for film performance and the normal passage of pedestrians, the application range has been gradually expanded with the progress of hybrid and film processing technology. In particular, vinylon film has good air tightness and oil resistance, so it is very important to introduce low production concentration and small range in food packaging

the scientific name of vinylon film is polyvinyl alcohol film, and vinylon is its trade name. The characteristics of the film are as follows: ① gas permeability, oil resistance, good chemical resistance and strong toughness. ② No static electricity, easy to make bags and printing. ③ It is not cracked and easy to stretch. The water absorption rate is 30-50%. After moisture absorption, it will stretch and have high moisture permeability (equal to 5-10 times of polyethylene). It will also stretch according to seasonal changes. Due to moisture absorption, the bag is developing towards the integration of the industrial chain, and there is no dew in the bag. ④ It can be heat sealed and needs to be removed by surgery. As a food packaging film, its other characteristics have not been fully developed in the past due to its hydrophilicity, water solubility and other weaknesses

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