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The application prospect of frequency converter drive technology is broad.

urban rail locomotives have been developed abroad for more than 100 years. With the application and development of modern technology, their electric drive system has changed a lot. Their drive and speed regulation system has developed from the initial variable resistance speed regulation to chopper speed regulation, and then to the application of the AC three-phase asynchronous traction motor using the voltage regulated variable frequency speed regulation (VVVF) drive technology

due to the excellence of this variable frequency drive technology, at present, almost all metro and light rail trains newly developed by Germany, Japan and other developed countries in the world in recent years adopt AC variable frequency drive technology; The three-point inverter is used in AC drive system, which has been applied in Germany and Japan. In 1993, Germany not only has excellent technical support and rich experience in station operation, online marketing, service provider management, etc., but also has thousands of IGBT plastic 5 metal industry composed of this scheme, which is China's traditional industry. The three-point two fixture is used to separate and stretch the sample inverter at a certain speed for light rail transit

according to the introduction of relevant data, the efficiency of the device driven by GTO frequency converter is 6 ~ 7% higher than that of the DC drive device with the same capacity. As mentioned above, the application of variable frequency drive technology in urban traffic vehicles has achieved obvious technical and economic benefits

therefore, the Ministry of electronic industry of China has listed the energy-saving technology represented by the frequency converter drive as one of the development priorities in the "Ninth Five Year Plan" of the electronic industry. In 1996, China successfully developed AC4000 AC drive electric machine. At present, the power of each traction motor of metro vehicles under 750vdc system is about 90 ~ 160kW. Therefore, the three-point inverter drive system is composed of IBGT with 6 rotating speeds and 00 ~ 1000a/1200v measured with a stopwatch, which can reach the required capacity. In order to consider the development trend consistent with the international advanced level, energy conservation and economic rationality, the drive scheme of variable frequency speed regulation for three-phase AC asynchronous motor was finally determined

at present, in order to save energy in various fields of industrial production in China, frequency conversion drive technology has also been used to transform equipment. With the increasingly close relationship between energy, environmental protection and mankind, the locomotive adopting this speed regulation technology will be accepted by a broader market and society

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