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The approval of water and electricity external line projects was reduced to 5 working days. In order to further deepen the reform, promote the shift of government functions to reducing approval, strengthening supervision and improving service, and improve the efficiency and quality of approval of engineering construction projects, Guangzhou recently officially issued the implementation plan for further deepening the reform of approval system for engineering construction projects (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan)

the implementation plan points out that the reform content is to further deepen the whole process and full coverage reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects. In terms of reform objectives, before the end of 2019, Guangzhou will further optimize the approval process of engineering construction projects, simplify the approval stages, links and matters, and focus on reducing the total time of administrative approval involving water, electricity and gas access external projects to 5 working days respectively. By the end of October 2020, it will fully connect with the national and provincial unified engineering construction project approval and management system

optimize the examination and approval procedures of engineering construction projects, simplify and merge the examination and approval items

in the specific reform measures, the implementation plan expounds from two aspects: consolidating the reform results and innovating to deepen the reform. Among them, innovation and deepening reform first proposed to simplify the approval items

according to the implementation plan, on the basis of implementing the measures to simplify the original matters, Guangzhou will further simplify the examination and approval matters, cancel the issuance of construction noise emission permit, the examination and approval of water conservancy facilities damaged by advanced organic materials, the acceptance filing of termite control projects, and the pre filing of bidding documents

in terms of optimizing the approval procedures, it is clear that the approval of water intake permission is completed before the commencement of construction. For engineering projects involving occupation, relocation of roads, highways, green spaces, etc., relevant approval procedures can be applied for after the engineering design is stable

the implementation plan requires that Guangzhou should delegate some of its functions and powers, that is, on the basis of the implementation of the work of delegating some of its functions and powers to the districts at the original municipal level, it should further examine and approve the restoration, protection planning and engineering design of classical gardens, approve the occupation of urban green space (more than 7000 square meters), cut down and relocate urban trees (more than 20 trees), relocate and prune the follow-up resources of ancient trees The examination and approval authority for pruning ancient and famous trees shall be delegated to each district according to procedures

the merger of approval items will also greatly improve the approval of engineering construction projects. (2) green approval efficiency of the synthesis process of plastic additives. In this regard, the implementation plan mentions that the construction projects that publicly transfer land can be merged and are expected to be fully put into operation in 2017 to handle land use planning license, land use approval, land transfer contract change agreement (the establishment of the project company is renamed) and other procedures. At the same time, carry out the combination of engineering construction permit and construction permit for small and medium-sized engineering construction projects, and the approval items in the two stages can be handled in parallel; The completion joint acceptance and completion acceptance filing can be handled together, and the completion filing opinions shall be issued simultaneously after the completion joint acceptance is passed

implementing free agency service for the whole process of engineering projects

improving the approval system will further improve the approval quality of engineering construction projects. The implementation plan points out that Guangzhou will deepen and improve the planning and generation mechanism of engineering construction projects, improve the function of the "multi compliance" platform, gradually increase the number of special plans and layers, and promote the application of the "multi compliance" platform at all levels of the city, district and town (Street)

at the same time, the urban and rural planning shall be integrated for the normal operation of machinery, land use planning, education, medical treatment, environmental protection, cultural relics protection, forest and cultivated land protection, civil air defense engineering, comprehensive transportation, water resources, power supply, gas supply, community supporting and other planning

in terms of improving the "one system" approval collaboration mechanism, Guangzhou will further improve the business collaboration, parallel approval, statistical analysis, supervision and management functions of the municipal joint approval system for engineering construction projects, and build the system into a hub node that connects the approval departments horizontally and the approval systems for engineering construction projects at national, provincial, municipal and district levels vertically

"one window" service level will also be improved. Guangzhou will optimize the case flow procedures between the government service window and the examination and approval departments, improve the examination and approval efficiency, and gradually realize the city wide handling of the examination and approval items of engineering construction projects

in addition, the whole process free agency service will be promoted, the municipal and district government affairs service windows will be built into reform propaganda positions, providing applicants with engineering construction project approval consulting, guidance, coordination and agency services, helping enterprises understand the approval requirements and improving the one-time pass rate of approval

in order to improve the convenience of enterprises' access to water, electricity and gas, the implementation plan requires the competent departments of relevant industries to strengthen the supervision and management of public service enterprises. Public service enterprises should streamline the reporting and installation process of water, electricity and gas, implement classified management, optimize the approval process for the construction of water, electricity and gas and other public facilities, promote "one window" approval services, and implement "trust approval and whole process control", so as to The total time for administrative approval of gas access external line project shall be reduced to 5 working days respectively

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