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On April 29, the appraisal meeting of WLR series mining explosion-proof lithium ion battery trackless rubber tyred vehicles was held in Shijiazhuang Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jizhong equipment group. A total of 13 expert leaders from the science and Technology Equipment Department of the state coal regulatory bureau, the safety standard national safety mark center for mining products, and experts from Jizhong energy, Lu'an Group, Hebei coal regulatory bureau, China University of mining and technology, Tsinghua University, Hebei Institute of Mechanical Sciences, China Northern vehicle Research Institute, and China coal mining group constitute the appraisal committee. The method is as follows: in the long section, from the breaking point O, which not only ensures the experimental accuracy, but also takes a point B which is basically equal to the number of short sections, The project was identified

accompanied by Liuwei, general manager of the coal mining machinery company, and shimenghu, Secretary of the Party committee, the expert leaders of the appraisal group first visited the modern new plant area of the coal mining machinery company, and took 11 and 5 trackless rubber tyred vehicles with explosion-proof lithium-ion batteries for mining, expressing their appreciation for their safety, comfort and green environmental protection

The appraisal meeting was presided over by Wan Xiaojie, deputy director of the science and Technology Equipment Department of the state coal regulatory bureau. Liu Wei, general manager of the coal machinery company, delivered a welcome speech. During the appraisal, the expert appraisal team recognized that it was necessary to manage the big data platform. It inspected the production site by reviewing the project development report, novelty search report, industrial test report, user use report, etc. in combination with the test report of the test team at the industrial test site on March 18, after questioning and discussion, the appraisal team agreed that the WLR series mine explosion-proof lithium ion battery trackless rubber tyred car has the advantages of no pollution, low noise It has the advantages of low energy consumption, simple maintenance, good handling, comfortable riding and long driving range. The industrial test has verified the applicability, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection in the practical application in the coal mine, which has been significantly improved compared with the diesel trackless rubber tyred vehicle. It has provided a new type of transportation equipment using clean energy for the coal mine. The technical results have reached the international leading level and have a broad application prospect

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