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The application prospect of new products in the sensor field is worth looking forward to.

sensor is a kind of detection device. As a basic component to realize automatic detection and automatic control, its other development is very important. Today, sensors are found in many fields and have a wide range of applications. The technological innovation of sensors will lead to changes in related industries and directly benefit many industries. Recently, new achievements in sensor research continue to emerge, and the domestic coke spot market continues to run steadily and well. The application prospect is expected

omnivision introduces ov2311 image sensor

recently, omnivision technologies, a digital imaging solution provider, launched the industry's first 2million pixel sensor - ov2311. It is reported that this sensor integrates the latest 2million pixel image sensor of omnivision and the sensing algorithm library of smart eye. The image processing technology has been significantly improved, and it is expected to be popularized and applied in VR, AR equipment and automobile industry

ov2311 image sensor adopts chip level packaging. Compared with 1million pixel solution, it has better performance and lower energy consumption. Taking its application in the automotive field as an example, its high pixel density can provide a wider field of vision for the cab and provide a clearer and more accurate image for tracking. In addition, it has also passed ASIL B level certification, and its safety performance is very guaranteed. The integration of sensor and sensor algorithm library is helpful for automobile OEMs to make complete hardware and software packages, and facilitate its direct application in vehicles

bosun Feiyang has developed the world's first flexible optical fiber sensor

flexible sensors usually have the advantages of softness, low modulus and good ductility. They can be arbitrarily arranged according to the requirements of measurement conditions. They are widely used in the fields of electronic skin, medical care, sports equipment and so on. However, the disadvantages of easy deformation, poor repeatability and poor stability also restrict its development

recently, Shenzhen bosun Feiyang Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its technical team has successfully developed the world's first flexible optical fiber sensor for various special experimental supply and processing plans, and it has been put into production successfully. It is reported that the flexible optical fiber sensor overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional flexible resistance sensor, has high precision and high signal strength, and will better meet the needs of various special signals and special environments. At the same time, its flexible features can greatly improve the user experience and expand the application scenarios. This technological innovation of bosun will promote the application of flexible sensors in human wearing, smart home, VR data gloves, intelligent interactive toys and other fields, and promote the development of related industries

eth scientists develop e-nose sensor

recently, scientists at the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich (ETH) developed what is known as the "smallest and cheapest" high-sensitivity portable artificial electronic nose (e-nose) sensor. This sensor adopts an array sensor, which can detect a variety of substances and detect specific "chemical footprints" that prove the existence of human beings

previously, the team proved through experiments that acetone, ammonia, isoprene and other substances are unique by-products of human metabolism. When humans are trapped, these chemical components will accumulate rapidly. The array sensor measures these chemical components in combination with carbon dioxide and moisture sensors to quickly give instructions to help determine the position of the human body. The sensor is only about the size of a fingernail, but its sensitivity and reliability are no less than that of a large spectrometer. It can be installed into a portable handheld device, or embedded into a robot or UAV. At ordinary times, staff should often check whether the equipment is abnormal for rapid search and rescue after a disaster

with the increasing application demand in the information age, the development direction of sensor technology is more diversified. The continuously innovative sensor technology will not only provide power for the original application fields, but also open up new application scenarios and trigger more business opportunities. The development of technology promotes the prosperity of the industry. With the birth of one research result after another, the sensor related industry will also usher in rapid growth

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