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2012 Automation Technology Application Trend Outlook

introduction: in the Chinese market, the 12th Five Year Plan has written a blueprint for various industries, which will become the driving force for new technologies and applications. The trend of automation technology application in wireless technology, machine automation and upgrading has also become an area of great concern in the industry

if you pay attention to the development of automation technology and application in China in 2011, I believe you see a positive and rapid change trend. Within the foreseeable range, the rapid development of automation technology and application will continue in 2012. Although there are uncertainties in some economic fields in China and even the world, as a reserve change, the pace of development of automation technology will obviously maintain its development speed; Especially in the Chinese market, the blueprint written by the 12th Five Year Plan for various industries will also become the driving force for new technologies and applications. Next, we will look forward to some trends of automation application in 2012

wireless technology: rapid expansion of application

the application of wireless technology is not a new topic. In recent years, its technical development and application expansion have continued. In this field, the reliability, power supply, maintainability and other issues concerned by users have been further improved, so that we can see its mature application in more and more occasions. In 2011, automation today also visited the application sites of some wireless solutions, so as to personally experience the vitality of this technology

it is worth thinking of using 3D printing to make up for it. What is mentioned is that China's automation industry attaches great importance to the development of wireless technology. Especially in recent years, WIA-PA, as China's independent sensor network standard, has also received keen attention, even from the foreign industry. In fact, compared with many other technologies, Chinese users have a very open and pragmatic attitude towards wireless applications. Users generally focus on whether wireless solutions can match their own needs. As long as they can integrate with existing systems without obstacles, users are not limited to the type of wireless solutions they use, which is of great significance for the parallel expansion of multiple wireless standards, WSAN (wireless sensor actuator network) and other promising new specifications are also emerging

machine automation: more sophisticated and flexible

in recent years, the domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has carried out industrial upgrading and product structure adjustment one after another, which has made the domestic machinery and equipment achieve a diversified development trend in terms of grade and performance. Some high-end machinery and equipment produced by domestic leading OEM manufacturers have occupied a place on the stage of international leading level. Such a development trend is prompting OEMs to seek mechanical automation solutions with better performance and more flexible functions

for example, in order to improve the performance, the demand for high-speed and high response motion control of mechanical equipment is increasing. In some industries, shaftless drive solutions based on servo technology have been widely used in some high-end equipment, and real-time Ethernet technology for motion control is also rapidly popularized. Precision and high speed have become an important symbol for the realization of high-end mechanical equipment

the support of automation solutions for flexible production is another aspect that attracts more attention. This technical trend comes from the significant change of user production mode. With the help of the flexible solution of the machine before loading the test piece, the production mode can be quickly changed by simply adjusting the software. The special production of ordering the experimental machine that used to require some additional hardware equipment can also be completed in a standardized way. These technical trends will become a powerful support for domestic OEM manufacturers to improve product grade and competitiveness

energy conservation and energy monitoring: taking advantage of the policy

energy conservation and efficiency increase is a highly guiding Theme under the background of China's industrial upgrading, and the continuous promotion of this theme also opens up a broad space for the application of automation technology. Whether energy-saving products such as energy-saving motors and frequency converters, or meters related to energy monitoring, they have a good development trend in recent years

for example, in the 12th Five Year Plan for intelligent manufacturing equipment industry just released, intelligent instruments have been included in the core devices and components that need to be developed urgently, including intelligent temperature, pressure, flow, material level, heat, industrial analysis instruments, intelligent variable frequency electric actuators, intelligent valve positioners and highly reliable actuators

in fact, in recent years, a number of leading domestic manufacturers have emerged, making remarkable progress in the fields of energy-saving motors, frequency converters, intelligent instruments, etc., and their product level and support standards have basically been in line with the international industry. At present, in the field of management of increasing the frequency of failures of electromechanical and sensors of experimental equipment that are prone to energy efficiency, the energy monitoring system that can be flexibly integrated with the enterprise information system is also expected to become the focus of domestic plant level users. The competition in this field is still unfolding

upgrading and Transformation: protect the existing investment by using expansibility. The rapid development of the automation market for a period of time has created an extremely sizable stock market. With the passage of time and the expansion of demand, the upgrading of systems and equipment has become an inevitable choice for users. Compared with the previous years, the accounting methods of domestic users are becoming more and more reasonable. How to maximize the protection of existing investment while improving performance has become an important indicator of project implementation

at present, automation technology increasingly emphasizes the openness and scalability of the system. For some suppliers with large product scale, they pay more attention to the rationality of the product structure system than before, which is actually conducive to meeting the above needs of users. At present, suppliers can take a variety of measures to help users achieve more economical upgrading

for example, suppliers can help users upgrade their software and hardware locally on the basis of the original system to improve their performance or realize new functions; At the same time, through the implementation of more targeted spare parts support and equipment maintenance services, the hardware equipment at the basic level can maintain a stable operating state, which also eliminates the need for users to make repeated investments in the whole system and most of the equipment. For domestic users who are eager to upgrade but attach great importance to their economy, such a scheme will be highly competitive

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