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with the May Day Labor Day approaching, the promotional activities in the door and window industry are gradually heating up. However, after visiting the market and conducting random interviews with consumers, the reporter found that the public's consumption view is relatively mature. They are eager for affordable products, but also hope that the product quality is guaranteed

in this regard, general manager Shao, the leader of German doors and windows and the sales director of Cartier doors and windows, said that the change in consumer psychology is conducive to guiding door and window enterprises to promote rationally, rather than blindly lowering product production standards for the purpose of price competition

it is understood that Cartier doors and windows will also participate in this promotional activity, and it is also the most preferential activity held by the enterprise in the past three years. Cartier doors and windows has always been known for "products pursue perfect details". Therefore, when the news of Cartier doors and windows' May Day promotional activities is released, many consumers expect it

there are not a few enterprises participating in the 5 ・ 1 promotion. Why can Carty arouse expectations? The reporter had a detailed discussion with Mr. Shao of Cartier doors and windows to understand what the "highlights" of the enterprise's promotion are

one gift: promotion of high-end and high-quality products

① typhoon Terminator (broken bridge sliding window) 6.8% discount

② King glory series sliding door: 5.1% discount on May 1, 5.2% discount on May 2, and so on, until May 7

③ three times of flat screen window opening in 70, 95 sliding screen door and ten generation protection are more preferential. Please consult the clerk for details

double gift: there is a gift when entering the store

during the activity, customers can get a beautiful gift free of charge by scanning the QR code and paying attention to the official account of Cartier doors and windows

triple gifts: love when shopping

during the activity, Cartier doors and windows headquarters donated 10 yuan for every square meter of King glory series sliding doors sold

four gifts: order and grab red envelopes during the activity, anyone who buys any product in the store can participate in the red envelope extraction

five gifts: buy and enjoy five-star service

① free measurement ② free design ③ free door-to-door delivery ④ free installation and tracking guidance ⑤ free after-sales service

six gifts: take photos and draw iPads

take photos after purchasing products and send photos and contact information to Cardi official account to participate in the iPad air2 128G lottery. The list of winners will be announced on June 1

Cartier doors and windows, a warm-up version of the typhoon terminator, is equipped with all the functions of ordinary doors and windows. The outer hinge is imported from Germany. The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 38 kg, and the durability can be opened and closed for 500000 times without sagging. It absolutely ensures the safety of users and the stability of houses. At the same time, it has the advantage of differentiation with other brands! The appearance structure is simple and generous, and the function is strong. The compression resistance, air tightness, sound insulation and other tests have reached high standards

5 ・ 1 the promotion war is about to start. In this war, in addition to preferential product prices, quality is also an important factor for enterprises to "win". A few days later, which door and window enterprises will be crowded and which will be ignored? Cartier's door and window are waiting for you

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