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Nowadays, many newly opened owners have just received the key to their new house and began to enter the team of decorating their new house nonstop

at present, many newly opened owners have just received the key to their new houses and began to enter the team of decorating their new houses without stopping. Some owners who have not started decoration because they are worried about the heavy rain in summer have also begun to decorate their homes now. But for the owners of the first decoration, they feel that there are a lot of clues about home decoration. I really don't know where to start

so how can you get twice the result with half the effort? After visiting some home decoration companies in Wuhan, the reporter learned some methods and strategies

strategy 1: it is best to draw your own house type map in advance

experienced people know that if you draw the house type map in advance, the owners can well let the decoration company or themselves estimate the approximate cost required in the decoration process. And it is more convenient for decoration companies to provide their own design schemes for house types. And when the owner puts forward specific decoration requirements, the decoration company can also put forward the corresponding price according to the owner's requirements, so that both the owner and the decoration company will recognize it. Therefore, a set of complete, detailed and accurate house type drawings is the basis for the decoration budget quotation. At the same time, it is also necessary to list the projects to be done, and then estimate according to the price parameters provided by the decoration market to obtain the decoration budget. And for the owners of the first decoration, you might as well listen to the opinions and suggestions of the professional decoration personnel of the decoration company

strategy 2: the decoration budget should be systematic and complete.

for the owners of new decoration, the transparency and details of decoration quotation are the most noteworthy. Therefore, after checking out the decoration budget price, the owner must be careful and rigorous when checking it. It is best to sort out all the engineering projects one by one to see whether your budget is complete and whether you have included all the necessary things and processes in the budget, so as to avoid temporarily increasing the decoration funds and corresponding expenses in the decoration process. If it is found that the budget of some corners is understated or omitted during the decoration process, the decoration will be very stressful if the economic strength is limited

strategy 3: detailed quotation requirements

in the case of a complete decoration budget system, remember to ask the home decoration company what materials and processes are included in the quoted price. The price and quality of each material should be understood one by one, so that we can know it well, and make our decoration transparent and refined. And pay attention to safeguarding their own interests, do not listen to the suggestions of businesses, should choose suitable home decoration materials

strategy 4: estimate the time problem in advance

many times, calculate the time problem in advance before decoration, that is, set aside enough time in advance to do all the design, materials, inquiry and budget in place. In other words, the more fully you prepare in the early stage, the faster your decoration speed and efficiency in the future, and the lower the actual cost. It is also worth noting that the head of household who prepares the materials himself must contact and communicate with the construction party in advance, so as to know how long to prepare the materials in advance, so as not to delay the construction period

the one-time investment in decoration is not a small amount for a family, and with the continuous upgrading of room decoration style and design requirements, the cost of decoration will increase step by step. If the budget, details and other expenses are estimated carefully and accurately in advance, the cost in the future can be greatly reduced, resulting in a multiplier effect




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