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Many owners will find some neglected places in the design or some impractical places after decoration, resulting in regret in the decoration. In order to avoid this situation in the future, what should we pay attention to in the design

many owners will find some neglected or impractical places in the design after decoration, resulting in regret in the decoration. In order to avoid this situation in the future, what should we pay attention to in the design? 1. The focus of design in home decoration design, the most important two points are practicality and beauty. Home design should be based on our living habits and the actual structure of the house. It should meet the needs of our daily life. Never copy cases directly. Even if the house type is the same, there will be differences in living habits. When designing home decoration, the overall beauty is our common pursuit, but don't make the space design too complex. Too gorgeous decoration style may not be suitable for your home, but it is certain to increase the decoration budget. 2. Design precautions 1. Communicate with the designer more. After determining the designer, the owner must communicate with the designer more, and tell the designer his thoughts about home and his daily habits, so that the design made by the designer can be more suitable for daily use. After the designer makes the design scheme, if the owner doesn't understand anything, he should timely understand the significance of these designs from the designer. If there is any objection, he can ask the designer to make modifications. 2 grasp “ Practical ” Before the design, the owner should first plan the functions of each space according to his daily living habits, and design the most suitable scheme according to the different functions of each space. This will make the life after check-in more comfortable and convenient. People's ideas of using color to decorate are becoming more and more diversified. When designing decoration, don't stick to the traditional decoration style anymore. More colors are used for decoration. The use of different colors can highlight different overall styles. Choosing the right color can also play a role in decorating space. 4 pay attention to the use of light. The role of light is not only to bring light to our lighting. In the design, skillfully using light to decorate can bring different effects. This is not to say that the number and color of lights in a room will become more and more, which will make the space appear messy. Instead, we should use lights in a hierarchical manner and use the effects of lights to create a different atmosphere. Choose the right building materials for decoration. In the process of decoration, don't blindly reduce the grade of building materials in order to save budget. A good design requires appropriate decoration materials to give full play to its greatest charm. Don't discount the final effect of decoration just to save money




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