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If the smart lock is compared to a person, what should it look like in your mind

on September 3, Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition opened. As one of the most professional Internet of things exhibitions in the industry, 250 exhibitors participated this year, a record high. China smart lock sharing industry platform (CSLP) made an amazing debut with four series of new products. At the same time, the "National Smart Lock popularization plan" was launched to provide users with smart lock products with excellent performance, online appearance and good price. It was the first shot to open the era of high cost performance of smart locks

as a well-known brand in the industry, this is also another big move released by Manshen after officially establishing the China smart lock sharing industry platform (CSLP), "unlocking" the smart lock market

inherit classics and upgrade new products

Manshen's new products appear

this time, CSLP booth continues the simple and atmospheric exhibition style, combining lighting and embellishment with theme tones, so that the product display and the whole space achieve balance and coordination

at the exhibition site, CSLP brought the display of five series of intelligent lock solutions, including intelligent transportation, intelligent apartment, intelligent home, intelligent office and industrial application, which fully met the needs of different consumer groups and attracted many customers to experience and consult on site

of course, the most interesting is undoubtedly Manshen's new series of smart locks: ilock501s, ilock520x, ilock530x, ilock550x. "Appearance online", "excellent performance" and "good price" have become the three words most commented by on-site customers, and also represent the unique temperament and highlights of these new products

cslp new series products not only inherit the classics, but also continue the strong security performance of Manshen intelligent lock. They have the C-level intelligent alarm lock cylinder with the highest security level, and support functions such as virtual password, anti cat eye unlocking, trial opening anti prying alarm. They also have new upgrades in material, process and functional design. The integrated design of fingerprint and handle realizes that only one step is needed to open the door; The unique full surface design skillfully integrates streamline shape, minimalist outline and exquisite craftsmanship...

these designs not only make the user's door opening experience smoother, but also greatly meet people's strict requirements for "facade responsibility", while the easy and generous price has surprised many customers, which can be called upgrading without price increase, and is very cost-effective

create popular models

launch the "universal smart lock popularization plan"

in 2018, the "thousand lock war" in the smart lock industry was in chaos. As an imported product, smart locks have a rapid growth rate, but compared with Japan and South Korea, the smart lock market penetration rate in China is only 3%, far from reaching the popularity level. Relevant industry reports show that about 34% of consumers are discouraged from smart lock products because of their high prices. The performance and appearance of smart locks are still the core needs that users care about

since its establishment in 2017, CSLP has devoted itself to product research and development, hoping to break through the bottleneck of price, performance and appearance and solve users' pain points. At the Shanghai Home Furnishing Exhibition, CSLP also released this long-awaited trick to the market. The appearance of four new products means that its "universal smart lock popularization plan" is officially launched, hoping to create smart locks that everyone can afford

in view of the pain points of users and industries, CSLP hopes to "unlock" new ways of playing, create online beauty products with excellent performance and good price, open the era of high cost performance of smart locks, and promote the "sweet cake" of smart locks to truly enter the homes of ordinary people

in the future, CSLP will also launch new series with different functions and price positioning for b-end customers, which can not only meet the basic requirements of users for the safety and convenience of smart locks, but also be very suitable for user groups who want to try new and experience smart life

as a well-known brand in the industry, this is another big move released by Manshen after it officially established the China smart lock sharing industry platform (CSLP), "unlocking" the smart lock market. In fact, as early as 2006, Manshen launched the "national lock safety upgrading plan", which promoted the first nationwide lock change climax and created a new business model of "nationwide lock change". The launch of the "universal smart lock popularization plan" is also another breakthrough in Manshen's business strategy

the first platform mode

provides one-stop service of intelligent lock

in 2015, the intelligent lock industry was first introduced, and 2017 entered a rapid outbreak period; By 2018, the chaos is becoming more and more attractive, and the industry has rapidly entered the fierce competition situation of the thousand regiments war; In the future, how many companies will be happy and worried? The industry will usher in a reshuffle period. How to occupy the position and how to choose

relying on Manshen's 14 years of professional accumulation and the aggregation of global excellent supply chains, China's intelligent lock sharing industry platform (CSLP) understands the general trend of the industry, just like a cheetah poised to win, its establishment can be said to have emerged at the right time

by initiating the sharing platform mode in the industry, CSLP spans different forms and industries, providing five types of solutions, including smart home, smart transportation, smart apartment, smart office and industrial application, to meet all customers' imagination about smart locks

perfect smart lock technology reserves, 35000 square meters of ultra large-scale manufacturing base, high-quality supply chain system, mature paas/saas platform, nearly 100 complete patented technologies, cutting-edge technology reserves focus on blockchain, and six core advantages make CSLP have a deep enough "moat" to provide capital incubation, marketing support, cloud customer service, ODM, OEM, marketing support, cloud services, SaaS customization, product planning Offline installation and other one-stop services

zhangbaoqiang, founder of China intelligent lock sharing industry platform (CSLP), said that the construction of CSLP platform is only the beginning, and Manshen still has a greater responsibility and dream. While rapidly promoting the popularization of smart locks and the development of the industry, CSLP will synchronously evolve to smart security, smart home and other directions. With the help of the built cloud service platform, shared manufacturing platform and project incubation platform, it will eventually build a big ecosystem of Smart Home Internet of things





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