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I believe everyone has a certain understanding of mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture is loved by everyone because of its beautiful patterns, durable characteristics and classical charm. It is the first choice for consumers to buy furniture, but also because of the confusion of the market and the perception of mahogany is only superficial, there is a deceptive behavior of shoddy in the purchase. Then, the editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture, hoping to help you

I. advantages of mahogany furniture

1. Beautiful shape

solemn and elegant mahogany furniture seeks unity in change, with fine carving and smooth lines. There are simple and generous Ming style, carefully carved Qing style and elegant French style, which are suitable for the aesthetic needs of different people

2. Rigorous structure and fine workmanship

mahogany furniture mostly adopts the combination of mortise and mortise, which is clever and coincident, firm and durable, and has a strong scientific nature from the perspective of mechanics. Moreover, China's traditional mahogany furniture is basically completed by craftsmen by sawing and planing. Each knife costs craftsmen's ingenuity, and at the same time, we should pay attention to the harmony and unity of the overall art

3. Reasonable function

is mahogany furniture not as ergonomic as general modern furniture? This is the misunderstanding of ordinary people. In fact, after long-term deliberation and improvement, many mahogany furniture can meet the requirements of human use function according to the scale of human function, which is highly scientific. Take the chair as an example, among them, the stooped chair and the armchair meet the needs of the human body and feel comfortable

4. Value preservation and appreciation

it integrates practicality, appreciation and value preservation. Chinese traditional mahogany furniture with a long history and high quality is a treasure that Chinese and foreign collectors dream of. In addition, rosewood resources are limited, and the growth cycle of rosewood is very long, some of which can reach hundreds of years. Therefore, rosewood furniture, which is rare but expensive, will become more and more unique

5. Pay attention to materials

real traditional Chinese mahogany furniture is made of precious hardwood, namely mahogany, which is good in texture, hard and durable, calm in texture, beautiful and generous, and rich in luster

II. Disadvantages of mahogany furniture

1. The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is easy to crack

2. The material is greasy, and it is easy to return oil under high temperature

3. The lines and rings are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough

4. Because the yield is small, it is difficult to have high-quality trees, and the quality is uneven

5. The material is heavy and difficult to handle

editor's summary: This is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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