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Today I will share with you the relevant knowledge of architectural film. Building film has been widely used abroad, but its application rate in China is relatively low. Many people may have a question here: what is a building film? With the rapid development of the construction industry, the construction film industry also rises. Building film has also formed its own brand. Of course, building film will also bring many benefits to people. Now let me introduce the brand and advantages of architectural film

building film is a film pasted on the surface of building glass, which can make the glass have a certain special effect. With the development of science and technology, the scientific and technological content of the construction industry has gradually increased, and building film is one of the representatives. Compared with traditional engineering construction, architectural film has great advantages, and there are many brands of architectural film at present. Now I will join you to understand the advantages of building film, and recommend several building film brands with high market popularity. Hope it can be helpful for your purchase

introduction to building film

building film is a new type of energy-saving building materials. Building film has gradually been widely used and recognized in people's actual life. It uses a special polyester film as its basic raw material. In the polyester film, various kinds of high reflectivity metal and metal oxide coatings are plated by magnetron sputtering. The glass film with light transmission and strong heat insulation is produced by composite pressing through a relatively unique processing technology, It can be a relatively cheap transparent flat glass that changes into many colors and has increased performance

efficacy of building film

in hot summer, it can block 45-85% of the direct sunlight, while in winter, it can dissipate more than 30% of the heat. When our glass is damaged and broken, the broken glass of the glass can be firmly adhered to the glass film, so that its original shape remains unchanged; Moreover, the glass film can withstand the high temperature of more than 500, and can stop the occurrence of fire. The high-quality building film can block glare and 99% ultraviolet light

advantages of building film

1. It is more economical. Its raw materials contain tempered transparent glass or colored glass. Compared with replacement reflection, the total cost of pasting heat reflection film is 50% less.

2. It is more environmentally friendly. When we replace glass, we will produce a lot of garbage, making our transportation and film filling costs more

3. It is more healthy. The glue used in the installation of building film contains UV absorber, which can block 98%-99% of UV

4. It is faster. The time for using building film to remove old glass and install new glass is shorter, and its construction operation is simple and uncomplicated

5. It is more lightweight. If we use hollow glass and hollow Low-E glass, the total weight will be doubled or more

recommendations for building film brands with high market awareness

ten famous building film brands: 3m&mdash& mdash; 3M China Co., Ltd; Leipeng &mdash& mdash; Shenzhen leipeng Tongda Automobile film company; aaa—& mdash; Asia Pacific Sanwei glass film Beijing Co., Ltd; Weibang &mdash& mdash;; Zhongtianheng Technology Co., Ltd; Uncle Sam &mdash& mdash; Large glass enterprises in the United States; Levis&mdash& mdash;; Beijing Zhongyi BofA company; Jazz joinns&mdash& mdash; Headquartered in California, USA; Top 100 bechamp&mdash& mdash; Beijing Central Europe classic architectural decoration; Settle adfilm&mdash& mdash; Qingdao Anton architectural glass film Co., Ltd; Anmor film &mdash& mdash; Ningbo Dongjian Trading Co., Ltd

other film brands include American Muba, Longmo, Weigu, Johnson & Johnson, super film, Bekaert, film master, etc., which are also relatively famous film brands at present. However, Weigu is now acquired by Longmo, and the brand has not been changed for the time being

identification method of building film

building film also has a lot of fraud. The following editor will first tell you how to identify the quality of building film. The high-quality building film feels smooth and very thick. If you smell it with your nose, there is a faint fragrance. The perspective is very good, it will not block your sight, the color distribution is uniform, and there will be no spots. On the contrary, the construction film with poor quality not only feels bad, but also smells pungent, and the color distribution is uneven, with spots

building film price

Changbao building film: the price of Changbao building film is about 850 yuan. The width is 1.25 meters and the length is 10 meters. It can be used in bedrooms, sunshine rooms, windows, etc. it can be well insulated and sunscreen, absorb ultraviolet rays, protect skin, reduce indoor temperature, reduce the use of air conditioners, and save energy and environmental protection. It has a variety of colors to choose from, which can be selected according to your preferences

zeal: the price of this building film of zeal is about 140 yuan. It's colorless and transparent. It's extremely transparent. It can't be seen after being pasted. It can be explosion-proof. After the glass is broken, it won't hurt people. It's a family with children. People who are afraid that the glass will break and hurt children. People who feel that floor to ceiling windows have no sense of security can buy this one, which is more reassuring. It can effectively protect against ultraviolet rays, enhance anti-theft function and protect personal safety

Zhengao: this building film is also a product of Zhengao, and the price is more expensive, about 650 yuan. It can eliminate the mirror reaction, with strong light transmittance, and will not hinder any visual line of sight. Even at night, you can see the scenery outside the window as clearly as during the day. In summer, it can effectively insulate heat and make the indoor environment more comfortable. It has a unique UV group fault, which can resist 99% UV

alilula: the price of this building film is relatively cheap, about 50 yuan. Its clarity is very high, and its single privacy effect is very good. You can't see the situation in the window from the window, but you can see the scenery outside the window indoors, which better protects privacy. It also has the function of explosion-proof and earthquake resistance, and can resist natural disasters such as hail to some extent. Its heat insulation effect is also very good

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

construction instructions for building film

first of all, good film glass technology can prolong the service life of building glass and increase its use function. The meaning of film glass technology is to stick films with different properties on the surface of our building glass. Architectural glass film has many kinds of properties through deep processing. In the process of construction, we must first ensure that all types of tools, raw and auxiliary materials and construction sites used in the construction process are available. During construction, we should choose normal weather, and we should not choose to work in very hot and cold weather

different glasses have certain restrictions on the coating. We should carefully check the stress integral table before the coating construction. Most of the coating is used indoors. When we need to apply the film outside the house, we should choose the external film. When pasting the external film, we must use a set of glue with the external film. The internal film we use inside the house cannot be used outside the house

before the construction of glass and our glass film, it is necessary to ensure that the same batch of products have the factory quality certificate with Chinese logo and other relevant materials. Cleaning fluid, glue used for installation, lubricant used in construction and other types of auxiliary tools also need to have the same batch of product quality certificate. The cleaning fluid and other products used in the film application process also use the supporting products of the film

construction process of building film:

1. Before we construct the glass, we should clean our glass and keep our film place clean of dust, etc

2. Before applying the film, we should use a special knife to remove the dust, paint and other sticky substances on our glass, and use a soft cotton cloth that won't drop debris to wipe the dust of the surrounding window frame, including the window corners and notches

3. After the glass surface is removed, the surface of the glass is completely wetted with a special cleaning solution, and the entire surface is scrubbed. Before the glass surface is removed, the cleaning solution cannot be used to scrub the dirty sand contaminated position on the glass surface

4. After finishing the cleaning operation, apply the mounting adhesive evenly on the surface of the glass, and then scrape the mounting adhesive on the surface of the glass with an ordinary rubber scraping tool to completely remove the remaining dust and other substances on the surface of the glass

5. Coat the glass surface with installation glue, and then immediately float the film on the glass surface

6. Use special tools to scrape off the uneven installation glue under the film. At the same time, the moisture at the edge of the film and our air should not penetrate under the film. In addition, there should be gaps between the glass and the edge of our windows

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about the identification methods of building film brand recommendations. In fact, building film has a wide range of uses. It can be used on items such as computer screen anti radiation and mobile phone shell. It has distinctive visual effects, economic and social effects, and brings beautiful enjoyment to our life




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