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CSR Sifang: the three modernizations of digital factory are developed simultaneously

CSR Qingdao Sifang locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSR Sifang) is a leading enterprise in China's rail transit equipment manufacturing industry, and is in an industry-leading position in the R & D and manufacturing of high-speed EMUs. China's first train with a speed of 200km-250km/h, the first train with a speed of 300km-350km/h and the high-speed EMU of long sleeper train were born in the company. At present, CSR Sifang has built an internationally advanced high-speed EMU design, manufacturing and product platform, formed a complete industrial system of continuous independent R & D and manufacturing, and become a world-class high-speed EMU R & D and manufacturing base

in recent years, CSR Sifang has vigorously carried out information construction in various business fields. Information technology has been fully and effectively applied in the main links and fields of enterprise R & D, production, manufacturing, operation and service; According to foreign media reports, the ability of business process reengineering and industrial chain coordination have been significantly enhanced; The level of production intensification and management modernization has been greatly improved, and the application of information technology in enterprises has achieved remarkable results

five systems build an information platform

in fact, CSR Sifang's enterprise informatization road has started the departmental application of informatization through the two rejection project and m-pr application since the 1980s. In the past three years, CSR Sifang informatization has achieved rapid development. Through the integration of the two, five core systems have been preliminarily built. Research and development management platform based on PDM, business management platform based on ERP and manufacturing management platform based on MES; The construction of product operation and maintenance management platform (MRO) and total quality management platform (QMS) with domestic leading level is being comprehensively promoted; The hardware infrastructure and data center supporting the efficient operation of the information system have been built. Through technical means such as internal and external separation and network access, a multi-dimensional information security technology protection platform has been established; Through private cloud technology, the rapid deployment of subsidiary information system and rapid replication of management mode are realized; Established a relatively perfect information management system and it governance structure, and passed the ISO 27001 and ISO20000 system certification

Sun Hua, deputy director of Information Technology Department of CSR Sifang, told China Electronics News that the PDM platform of CSR Sifang adopts Teamcenter platform, takes 3D design as the core, realizes the integrated application of product design and process design, and realizes the management of product R & D process. CSR Sifang's ERP adopts SAP platform and has completed the project construction in two phases since 2011. It has realized the coverage of main businesses and products, and truly realized the integration of logistics, capital flow and information flow. Comprehensively show the operation status and provide decision support for the company's management. CSR Sifang's MES adopts psi platform. CSR Sifang plans to complete the online operation of MES system in bogie branch today. With the rapid development of high-speed railway, a large number of EMU products have been delivered and entered the operation and maintenance stage. CSR Sifang also took the lead in introducing MRO operation and maintenance management system in China to realize the management of the whole life cycle of products and ensure the safety of product application

product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and the source of development. Through the construction of QMS quality management system, the whole process tracking, monitoring, dynamic feedback and effective evaluation of source quality, manufacturing quality and supplier quality are carried out. At the beginning of the planning, the relationship between several islands is not close, and the input and output of each system is not guaranteed. Sun Hua said

layout of digital chemical plant

in 2014, CSR Sifang systematically studied the development direction and core technology of industry 4.0 according to the development trend of the integration of industrialization and industrialization. On this basis, it completed the preliminary scheme of digital chemical plant. CSR Sifang is also the only pilot unit of digital chemical plant in CSR. Digital chemical plant has become a key construction project of CSR Sifang during the 13th Five Year Plan period

Wen Bo, senior chief engineer of CSR Sifang information technology department, told China Electronics News that based on the successful implementation of the five core platforms in the early stage, CSR Sifang will comprehensively start the construction of digital chemical plant this year in combination with industrialization, automation and intelligence, and take the lead in the demonstration application of digital chemical plant in bogie branch

in 2014, CSR Sifang won the approval of the national scientific research project of the 12th Five year science and technology support plan project "research and development of key parts assembly production line and manufacturing execution system of high-speed railway locomotive". According to the project leader Liu Yu, part of the project involves the construction of highly automated equipment flow line, and the other part is the MES system based on the flow line, hoping to realize the self perception of intelligent terminals at the manufacturing site, And realize the autonomous learning and processing of equipment

in the general assembly workshop of CSR Sifang, we can see that one train completes the final assembly work here, and the relevant components are transmitted to each station by conveyor belt through information logistics. The assembly progress and fault information of each train will be displayed in real time on the large screen in the workshop, and fed back through the operating system according to the introduction of Dr. Cao min of the company, The relevant information can be sent to the manager's terminal in the form of SMS and e-mail in time

Wen Bo told China Electronics News that CSR Sifang digital chemical plant should be built according to the production characteristics of each branch. Bogie branch is mainly composed of automatic production line and assembly line. For the general assembly plant, it still focuses on manual operation, optimizing material distribution and monitoring application, and reducing the dependence of production on people through the construction of digital chemical plant


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